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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Short Love Story #22 (It was my Birthday)

Today was my birthday, I woked up late .My husband wished me with a beautiful smile on his face .I hugged him and went for bathing .In the mean time , my 6 year old son also waken up . When I came out after bathing , I found him standing in front of my door of the bathroom . He hugged me with his tiny little arms and wished me a happy birthday.Just when I was smiling feeling son's wish as the best wish ever .My husband told me "after waking up your son was searching for you.I told him that you are in for bathing .From 20minutes ,he is standing here waiting for you to wish "
I asked my " why you have been standing here ? You could have wished me later "
He smiled and replied "If you can stand in kitchen for hours ,preparing food for me, then I can also prepare a smile by standing for few minutes for such a sweet mother "

Love is about making someone feel special.
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