Short Love Stories

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Short Love Story #27 (Never Laugh on Anybody)

Today I went for a party with my family. I don't like parties at all due to the loud sounds of the speakers.So with a cold drink in my hand, I took a chair and sat on a corner. While I was busy in myself and that cold drink, I saw a man with a glass of wine in his hand, dancing on the floor. I laughed out loud as he was looking quite funny.
Seeing me laughing, a girl came to me and asked
"Why you are laughing on my father?"
I said "He is looking too funny, your mother should control him and his drinking addiction"
She replied " My mother died a few years back. I think that's the only reason why my dad in try to forget her ,drink at some occasions and try to enjoy"
Hearing her reply, my tears rolled down off my eyes.
Laughing is good, but laughing on someone without knowing his/her story is more than a crime.
Keep Smiling.. Keep Loving

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Short Love Story #26 (Love is Sacrifice)

Today due to extra work at the office , when I reached home late. I found my wife sitting on the stairs . When I asked her for the reason "Why she is sitting on the stairs?"
She replied " The door is locked my dear, I was waiting for you"
I asked " Where is your set of keys?"
She replied " I mistakenly left then at office"
After unlocking the door we entered into the house.
While she was in the kitchen,I was changing my clothes and while changing, I found her set of keys in my left pocket.
Seeing those keys, I smiled and thought
"She waited for me 4 hours and instead of having an argument with me for making her wait, she lied that time just to avoid a long argument in which I would have never let her win"
I went in the kitchen and gave her a huge hug.

Love is not about impressing someone, its about sacrificing and not even letting the person know that i sacrificed
Keep smiling Keep loving

Friday, 8 August 2014

Short Love Story #25 (Situation doesn't matter)

Today, I boarded on a bus to reach my destination, but due to heavy crowd in the bus. I didn't found any seat to sit on. Luckily, after crossing midway, I got the seat with an old man sitting next to me with a heavy bag in his laps.
Just on the next bus stop, a lady boarded on and started searching for the seat, but didn't found one.At first, I thought to give her my seat, but later I ignored as I have already stood for long time and my feet were tired.But in the mean time ,seeing that lady standing,the old man who was sitting next to me stood and gave his seat to that lady.
That old man even after his old aged difficulties and carrying that heavy bag donated his seat but me as a youth didn't.
He taught me a beautiful lesson If you really want to help, it doesn't matter in what situation you are.
Keep helping..Keep Loving

Monday, 4 August 2014

Short Love Story #24 (Its about my friend)

Its about my friend and that day when he was going to propose a girl, he loved from last 2 years. He proposed her with extreme guts.But that girl rejected his proposal.I felt very sad for him. When he reached back to me at the place I was standing, to make him smile I said "Its okay .,it happens my friend. You will get some other girl"
But His reply touched my heart ...
He said "I can't forget that girl ,Its not about her only, its also about the shine I see in my eyes standing in front of mirror everyday thinking about her"
Love is loving someone even after loosing that someone but with a smile on your face and shine in your eyes.
Keep shining Keep Loving