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Friday, 25 July 2014

Short Love Story #21 (Have a heart)

I was sitting on a bench on the bus stop , waiting for my little daughter's school bus. 
In mean time , a beggar came to me and started begging. I gave him a one rupee coin, but he returned my coin and left from there.
When my daughter's school bus arrived , that beggar quickly reached at door and started begging from my little daughter.
Just when I was going to hush away that beggar, my little daughter opened her bag and handed over her tiffin by saying
"There is only one chappati left in it , hope its enough for you"

And that beggar ate that chappati and handed over her tiffin back and said "Thank you so much"

A 6 year old kid is much more intelligent and kind hearted than us when its about sharing.
Avoid distributing money, distribute humanity
Have a heart...Keep sharing..Keep Loving

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