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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Short Love Story #15

"May I come in ,Mam?" I said
"No, Sidarth" Mam replied in anger
 "But ,Mam" I was trying to say something but Mam interrupted
"This is your daily routine to come late, why you are so lazy .The class timing is 8:30 A.M. and you are coming at 9'O' clock.Let me tell you this is your last warning.From tommorow you should be on time.Otherwise I will take you to the Principal Sir.Have you got it ?"
"Yes Mam,I asure you" I said
"Come in and sit Down on your Seat" Mam said

Just after I sat on my seat ,Principal Sir entered our class.Everyone stood up to say him welcome,even our teacher.
Principal Sir asked our teacher "Who is the student who came late today ?"
Mam said "Sidarth,come in front"
I with little nervousness after reaching in front said "I am sorry ,Sir"
But Principal Sir replied "I am proud of you ,Sidarth"
I was little shocked as he saying loudly to everyone that"We should be proud of Sidarth,I am seeing him from last 3 days.He is coming late not because he is lazy but because he every morning helps his juniour Vimal reach his school at sharp 9'O' clock.Vimal is a Handicap and he studies at the nearby school for special students.Sidarth carry Vimal at his back to make him reach "
Everyone clapped for me and even my teacher.I was really happy knowing that my mother said it right.
My mother always taught me"God gave us Hand not only to pray but also to help and if you help you will be most loved person"

Keep Loving ...Keep helping

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