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Friday, 18 July 2014

Short Love Story #19(Story that will make you believe god exists)

It was about a few months ago, When I was on my way to office on my bike. While I was driving, I found my mobile vibrating. To check it, I stopped my bike beside the road under a tree. It was a call from my office mate. While I was attending the call, I noticed an aged lady on the opposite side of the road waving her hand looking at me. At first , I ignored her thinking she might be waving her hand for someone else. But, after attending the call and placing my mobile in my pocket. I found there was no one else for her to look at beside me. Thinking that she might require some help, first I thought to ask her "What I can do for her". But realizing that I am getting late for office, I ignored and left from there. After just a minute , on the round about a high speed motorbike after getting slipped clashed with my bike. I however, recovered from the accident but when I got to know that the reason behind slip of the other bike was petrol leaking from my bike. I remembered that lady. Actually she was trying to say me that fuel of your bike is leaking. But instead of hearing her, I ignored her.
God comes in different forms to make you learn the value of your life .But we ignore it that time. That lady, that time was doing the work on the behalf of god. If you are nice human being who help everyone without thinking about your own benefits, than God lies in you.
Keep believing, Keep helping, Keep Loving

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  1. wow....I am amazed. This is such a touchy one. Indeed God lives in all of us and even shows signs of it that they do exists....Unfortunately in today's busy life many a times we miss looking out for these cues ....#lifelessons #lifeisbeautiful ...Glad you are safe.