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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Short Love Story #20 (Its about our parents)

Its about when I was 4 years old . The moment my father was leaving my bed after making me sleep. I held his hand from behind and said "I haven't slept yet , where are you going?"
He smiled and replied " I am going to buy beautiful dreams for you from god , my little angel"
Although He was lying , he was going to his office for night shift.
But the truth is Our parents for our future and our dreams , works so much hard day and night.
And What we provide them in return ?

Love your parents, provide them your "Heart" not "Old Age Home"


  1. If we don't take care of our parents, our kids will also not take care of us. I don't understand why people want to set a wrong example (esp. in front of their kids) in the first place.

    Destination Infinity