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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Short Love Story #27 (Never Laugh on Anybody)

Today I went for a party with my family. I don't like parties at all due to the loud sounds of the speakers.So with a cold drink in my hand, I took a chair and sat on a corner. While I was busy in myself and that cold drink, I saw a man with a glass of wine in his hand, dancing on the floor. I laughed out loud as he was looking quite funny.
Seeing me laughing, a girl came to me and asked
"Why you are laughing on my father?"
I said "He is looking too funny, your mother should control him and his drinking addiction"
She replied " My mother died a few years back. I think that's the only reason why my dad in try to forget her ,drink at some occasions and try to enjoy"
Hearing her reply, my tears rolled down off my eyes.
Laughing is good, but laughing on someone without knowing his/her story is more than a crime.
Keep Smiling.. Keep Loving

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