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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Story Of a PhotoFame (Chapter 1)

                                                   Story of a Photo Frame                
Chapter 1
Why people disturb some one who is in deep sleep.The one who is sleeping must be dreaming,must be thinking about his future,must be finding the ways to customize the rest of his life.Everyone loves to sleep but I don't know why we all hate seeing some person calmly sleeping.The one of the best example of the person who hates to see someone sleeping is my DEAR FATHER.
The office timing is 9:00 A.M .But he wakes me up at 6:30 saying "get up son we are getting late".Someone please tell them that there is still 150 minutes left.And one more thing ,after getting up 6:30 and after getting ready at sharp 8:30 when I say him
"Dad eat quick ,we are getting late"
The answer is "Dhroov there is so much time left ,don't panic"
Yes My name is Dhroov and the person I was talking about is my only best person in the whole world.Yes ,He is the only .I Should haven't said only .There is someother person also who is my best,but that person is not in the world anymore.My second best person was my mother ,but she passed away when I was 3 yrs old.From then and now,My father is my everything.
Life was passing smoothly just like a breeze of wind passing through a tunnel.

One Tuesday Morning when me and my father was busy cooking food in our small kitchen ,sound of the doorbell of our house reached our ears.
"Wait ,Let me see who is on the door" I said
When I opened the door,there was a postman.
He asked me "whether Mr. Suresh Mehta lives here?"
I said "Yes he is my father,tell me .Is there any letter or courier for him ?"
He said "Yes ,Sir There It is .Sign here ."
He handed over me " a letter with a covered rectangular shaped box"
When I fipped the box to see the other side of the box to check the name of the sender.I got to know ,It was sent by some Mr.Faizal Mishtri (From Pune).
After reading that name. I yelled "Dad there is a letter for you from some Mr.Faizal Mishtri of Pune.Do you know him?"
He came running from the kitchen and asked me "Is this sent by Faizal?"
I said "Yes dad,Some Faizal Mishtri ,Do you know him? Is He some one of your old friends?"
Dad with a big smile on his face replied "Yes,Me and and Faizal were best friend from the starting days of our College.We studied together in the same college in 1980 batch .He is one of my best friend.But as soon as our degree completed we got busy in our daily life and couldn't able to find time to meet each other "
I said "Woww,He still remembers you"
He replied "I am astonished too. I thought He must have forgotten me .But the thing is how he got my adress?"
I said "Leave it dad, he must have got it from somewhere.By the way ,Best friends crawl with you till death."
He said "Okay ,okay now read the letter quick .I am very excited to hear .What he have written"
I said "Hold your excitement till the evening ,the time is 8:25 .Aren't we going to Office today ? We haven't even cook the food"
He said "Oh no,where the hell your brain was? We are getting late ,get ready quick."
I said "Plzzz Dad ..not again"
After that ,we got busy getting ready for office and just before leaving the house .we thought about the letter.We were confused whether to take that letter to office or not .At end we decided  ,we will read it just after coming home at evening.
Whole of our day passed waiting for the evening.After reaching home,the first thing we did is reading that letter briefly:

            Dear Suresh,
                                Do you remember me? This is your old friend Faizal.You remember 1980 batch?
            That class of the B.R. Ambedkar college.There were two muskuteers in that class who were
            always found outside the class staring girls.Hows you my friend? 25 years ,my friend.Long
            time passed.No class bunks, No Races for winning a free cup of Tea and Samosa,No Long Night
            outs,everthing we missed these years.Just living a busy boring schedule of a daily life.Home to office
            and office to home.Hows your life going? Sorry was not able to attend your marriage.I Even forgot               to wish you .But this time,I haven't forgotten .Happy Marriage Anniversary my dear Friend .I have                 also sent  a gift for you beloving couple.Hope you enjoying your life.I always remember you and                   those days.I should stop writing now,otherwise I would cry.Once again,A very Happy Marriage                   Anniversary.
            Take Care

After Reading that Letter,dad was litteraly crying.Suddenly Dad outbursted in anger and said "This stupid Faizal have written this letter just with an intention to make me cry.No contact number,No e-mail Id.No try to plan and meet .He have written this just to make me cry"
I said"Don't get dis-heartened Dad.I will find him and make you both meet.Don't get dis-heartened please.But the thing is that He wished you happy Anniversary.But your anniversary passed 2months ago.Must be this letter is late delivered.God bless "Indian Post""

When I was trying to change Dad's dis-heartened mood.He was uncovering the covered gift and Guess what! he found a beautiful photoframe in it.He stood and left for his room and came back after few minutes with dozen of old photos .He got busy finding the best photo that would suit the frame.
Finally,He selected Mom's photo as best suiting the frame.He placed the frame on the table and started remember his old beautiful days.I thought It will be better to leave him alone with his memories rather than disturbing him with stupid questions.
After that day, days started passing like they used to pass in the past.
Months passed and the Faizal Uncle's letter reached its right position that was the blue secret file of my Dad in the locker of the almirah.I also forgot gathering information about Faizal Uncle and my promise to Dad that I will make them meet as soon as possible .
But through these Months I noticed that Dad had added one more task to his daily routine.That task was to clean the photoframe regularly with a proper defined white clothe piece.That photoframe with my mother's photo on it became special part of my dad's life.

One night ,just when I was going to have some sleep.Ring of our telephone made Dad yell "Dhroov Pick up the phone,I am taking shower"
When I picked up the phone "It was Amrit on the other side of phone.He invited me and Dad specialy for his marriage in Lucknow Next week "
Amrit was my collegue from office.He knew Dad very well .Although We can say I know Amrit through Dad.

We both took leave from office for next full week and the day when we were packing for going Lucknow in the evenning train .I saw Dad was packing the photo frame with himself in the bag .I am not less than a detective in my home.
At Sharp 2 hours before the boarding time .
Dad said "Come quick outside with carry bags ,I have closed all the doors and windows ,I am going to get a taxi for the station"
I said "Okay" .But when I with carry bags was going out of my house to lock the door.I saw the photoframe that Dad packed with his bags through window on the table.

We boarded the train on time .When the train departed from the station ,I asked Dad "Whether Why He had left the photo frame at the home when he packed it already"
He said in a soft voice that "the frame is made of glass ,it can be aparted into pieces during the journey If I would not be able to handle it carefully,so I left it at home "
I said "Okay than its okay"
After than we started passing our time with little chats and snaps.After a long travel of 10 hours we reached Lucknow 20 minutes delay from the original time.Amrit was waiting for us at the station to recieve us and give a special welcome.
We after meeting Amrit reached taxi outside at the station's parking.Lucknow is a very busy city .One of the oldest city of India.It took 20 minutes to reach Amrit's home which is just 2 km from the station due to traffic.
As soon as we reached his home ,we got a warmth welcome from Amrit's Family.I and Amrit got busy in Mariage arrangement and Dad got companions to talk with.
Till the night ,next to which  Marriage day was going to be raise .Me with Amrit's relatives handled every event smoothly.That night I ,Amrit and some of his cousin brother were boozing to celebrate and enjoy the moment.
Amrit's Brothers were fully done with half bottle of whiskey each.They started singing in loud voices.Amrit and me drinked but controlled ourself.To make the loud voices of brothers not be heard by other relatives,he switched on the TV and set the volumes high.All the room was now filled with a voice of a reporter on the TV.There was a breaking news on that TV news Channel that that Reporter was conveying.
"A Huge Dust Strome would be hitting  Baroda and areas near it tonight according to the weather report"
I said in a high voice "Baroda ,Our town!".I started worrying a little about our house there.
Seeing my worried face ,Amrit said "Don't worry Dhroov,Everything would be fine.This strome gonna fuss out as quick as it come.Don't worry"
I smiled to show Amrit that I accept his concern for me .But I was really worried .So
I said"Excuse me ,please I will be back in 10 minutes"
Amrit 's Brother said "Ya Sure "
And I left the room to meet dad in the other room gossiping with the relatives.
I ran towards him and asked "whether He had closed all the doors and windows perfectly ?"
He said " What happened?"
I said " There is a breaking news that a huge dust strome would hit our city Baroda tonight"
He not much taking it seriously said "Don't worry ,All doors are closed perfectly"
I said "okay" and left to join the booze part with Amrit
After about 30 minutes ,Someone knocked our door .It was Dad ,he called me and said that "I mistakenly left one window opened"
I said " Don't worry ,situation is under controlled according to new weather reports.Its saying the speed of dust strome is gradually decreasing.So go and get some sleep,meet you tommorrow"
He said " Good night" and left.

Marriage passed beautifully with everything nicely done.We were finally at the Lucknow station .I was carrying the bags and Dad was carrying two boxes of sweet given by Amrit's family as Shagun.But this time ,Amrit was not there to drop us as He was busy in after-marriage rituals.We left for Baroda station after meeting the relatives of Amrit who came to drop us.
At sharp 6:10 A.M. we reached Baroda station and felt relief after such a beautifull but long journey.While we were placing bags in the pocket of taxi ,we both noticed a devasting change in the city surrounding.While we were seeing Damaged boundary walls of houses,fallen trees and sullen atmosphere outside the window of moving taxi and thinking about the condition of our house in colony near to the station colony,taxi driver started saying "God bless our city and people,Its all because of last night dust strome".We were astonished by the view of city after the storm.

But just the moment when taxi driver took a round about to enter our colony road,we took a breathe of relief.Only few trees were fallen here ,no damage to any property or houses made us a little happy.
When I was negotiating with the taxi driver for the fare, a loud voice Of Mr.Sharma made us look behind.He was wishing us "Good Morning".

Dad started talking to Sharma Uncle about the Storm and I after paying the fare of taxi entered our home sweet home.
Each corner of every room was filled with dust as Dad mistakenly left a window opened.As I was tired,I decided to have a shower.When after few minutes Dad entered .I only heard his voice "Why you did it ? Who said you to do it Dhroov?"
I replied " What I did ? I  haven't done anything.What happened ?"
As soon as I came after shower.Dad was sitting there in front of that photoframe.
I asked "What happened ,Dad?"
He said "Cleaning it is my task ,why you cleaned this photoframe?
I said " I haven't cleaned it Dad,I sware I haven't"
He replied "Then who did it ,In this room on every little thing,there is a thick layer of dust .How it is cleaned ?"
I said " Sorry dad,but I really don't know"
He said "Its okay,may be dust might have not reached it"
I somehow was also thinking ,If I haven't done it and Dad also haven't done it .Then How it is cleaned?
We assumed our own views and ignored it .
And after doing rest for 2 hours ,we both together cleaned the whole house to make it living worthy.

Next day,after coming from office .I came and sat on the sofa. Just when I was going to get some water to drink,I unknowingly noticed that photoframe.The photo in the frame is changed.At first I thought ,Dad would had chnged it .But then I thought Dad left today earlier than me and at morning it was not changed
                                                                                                                               Story Continues.......



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