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Monday, 7 July 2014

Short Love Story #16 (My mother's Dream)

Before waking up in morning ,we all quietly sleep like a cute little baby .We busy In our dreams fighting for being some one "Who is unique from the world" and sometimes we even murmur in a low and indistinctive voices about our dreams or something else.
The same happened with me .I got to know about my mother's dream when she was sleeping and murmuring .
She had a very small little dream of meeting my father ,who 4 years before left her alone and divorced on a small basis of doubt.She had a dream of seeing my father just once to live rest of her life .
I tried to contact my father by every possible way so that I can complete her dream and make her met her husband on her birthday.But ,my father didn't replied.
But I had determined that at any cost ,I would complete my mother's dream.So I contacted my friend who do theatres,I told him to find a person who looks similiar to my father .After a few weeks ,My friend replied that he found a person who looks simliar to my father.We both told the whole story to that person,as it was for some one's happines he accepted to do the role of my father on my mother's birthday.I gave him some of my father's old clothes such that  he looks so much similiar to my father .
On the day of her birthday,I saw a person entering my home through the gate.I thought , the person who came is the same whom I given to the role.But suddenlly,I thought I haven't said him to come in front of mother as she will find out "He is not my father".I said that person to visit the party at evening such that my mother get a glimpse of him and his clothes .I said him not to meet my mother.
 When after running downstairs,I saw the person I saw at the gate was hugging my mother.He was actually my father .He visited us ,maybe due to my mails and messages.My mother was happy ,after seeing me on the stairs,She called me near.
I though my father would had told her everything about my mails and messages.She said me thank you for the gift and told me the whole story that your father had never divorced her,but due to some people who attacked him 4 years back due to some police case your father did against them ,he had to left us and settle in Rajasthan. He still love me ,the way he loved ME 4 years back.


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