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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Short Love Story #26 (Love is Sacrifice)

Today due to extra work at the office , when I reached home late. I found my wife sitting on the stairs . When I asked her for the reason "Why she is sitting on the stairs?"
She replied " The door is locked my dear, I was waiting for you"
I asked " Where is your set of keys?"
She replied " I mistakenly left then at office"
After unlocking the door we entered into the house.
While she was in the kitchen,I was changing my clothes and while changing, I found her set of keys in my left pocket.
Seeing those keys, I smiled and thought
"She waited for me 4 hours and instead of having an argument with me for making her wait, she lied that time just to avoid a long argument in which I would have never let her win"
I went in the kitchen and gave her a huge hug.

Love is not about impressing someone, its about sacrificing and not even letting the person know that i sacrificed
Keep smiling Keep loving

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