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Friday, 8 August 2014

Short Love Story #25 (Situation doesn't matter)

Today, I boarded on a bus to reach my destination, but due to heavy crowd in the bus. I didn't found any seat to sit on. Luckily, after crossing midway, I got the seat with an old man sitting next to me with a heavy bag in his laps.
Just on the next bus stop, a lady boarded on and started searching for the seat, but didn't found one.At first, I thought to give her my seat, but later I ignored as I have already stood for long time and my feet were tired.But in the mean time ,seeing that lady standing,the old man who was sitting next to me stood and gave his seat to that lady.
That old man even after his old aged difficulties and carrying that heavy bag donated his seat but me as a youth didn't.
He taught me a beautiful lesson If you really want to help, it doesn't matter in what situation you are.
Keep helping..Keep Loving

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