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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Short Love Stort #23 (Never ever say it)

One night just before sleeping ,a message came on my mobile phone .It was a message from some unknown number. When I opened it to read , it was blank, nothing was written in it. After 5 minutes ,again a message arrived from the same number which was blank too. To find out who is so much idle to send blank messages, I called at that number.
It was some girl on the other end, she said "How come you have time for a stranger, who did a blank message on your mobile? But didn't had time to reply on the 200 hundred messages saying words of love send by the one who you loved just 3 days back"
That made me cry. First I used to say her "I love you" but soon I started ignoring her as relationship started growing.
If you don't love , then never ever say it. Share smiles not sorrows.
Keep Smiling ,Keep Loving 

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